Monday, February 14, 2011

This must be that new civility I've heard about

Today the Northwest Florida Daily News presented this little gem of incandescent stupidity. Now, keep in mind that this was a "letter to the editor" and that (presumably) someone made a conscious decision to send it through for publication. A letter with perhaps three verifiable facts - the writer's name and city, and "... war in Iraq war costs $5 billion a month " (though I really think that figure is a tad off). The rest is nothing but ad hominem insults, the kind of insanely stupid thinking that gives people the idea that northwest Florida is populated exclusively by poorly educated rednecks. I hope Ms Neal felt better after seeing her pitiful little screed in print - or maybe it's just in pixels - but I suspect her screwed-up thinking is permanent. You know what? To hell with even the pretense of civility - With any luck she'll get hit by a bus and be out of our misery.

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