Friday, October 08, 2004

Advisory 1

The National Hurricane Center's first advisory on Matthew brings the storm almost directly over (tada!) Fort Walton Beach. That's all subject to change over the next couple of days, of course, but here I was thinking that I needed to get a post in about how dry it's been... Then we get this little blob of rain over the western gulf, and we get an actual chance of rain in the forecast. Now we're looking at a tropical storm, and OHMYGODWE'REALLGONNADIE!!!!! OK, maybe not, but The Weather Channel started running a coastal flood warning earlier today for an area including coastal Okaloosa county, and there's a lot of places south of Highway 98 that aren't in any kind of condition to stand up to extra high tides. I'm thinking South Walton, Holiday Isle, and maybe even the in-progress reconstruction of 98 on Okaloosa Island will be at risk should Matthew continue along the current forecast track.

Foot's Forecast was calling a "look out for this one" on Monday. Good call, methinks!

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