Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Impressive Numbers...

From Boston, but probably not the kind of thing the Dems want to shout from the rooftops. From http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/cullinan200407271222.asp comes this:
Boston, Mass — On Monday, day one of the Democratic Convention, Bostonians voted with their feet and stayed away from their city in droves.
That's why the long-expected commuter nightmare failed to materialize. To take just one example, officials estimate that commuter-rail ridership from the northern suburbs (normally 24,000 per day) fell by 60 to 70 percent. And road traffic by all accounts was off by orders of magnitude.

I don't think they get that kind of drop in commuter traffic in a three-foot blizzard! Although, as snow jobs go, this convention must be a record-setter.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Singing Monkeys

I had planned to see The Manchurian Candidate when it comes out in the next few weeks, but, based on Meryl Streep's performance at the JohnJohn fundraiser earlier this week, I've decided against it. Denzel Washington's a great actor, and the movie certainly looks interesting (from what I've seen in the commercials), but Ms Streep's comments (link to New York Times, registration required) lead me to believe she's a raving moonbat.

Why should I pick on Ms Streep and her "acting"? It's not a direct link between her and the Taliban, but I believe the candidate she's supporting is incapable of seriously understanding the threat posed to this nation, to plural democracy, and perhaps to western civilization as a whole, by al-Qaeda and other such groups and individuals. Ms Streep, and the rest of the performing monkeys at the fundraiser (link to New York Post, no registration required), apparently do not understand that they wouldn't be partying hearty on-stage like that in an Islamist society. The women would probably not have been allowed out of the house, and John "Roadkill Skunk" (yes, I know it was Cougar - if Whoopi Goldberg can make fun of the President's last name, I sure can screw around with what this worthless crapsack used to have for a last name) Mellencamp probably wouldn't be getting away with being critical of the ayatollah, mullah, or other turbaned whack-job running the country.

Although I think an apology is in order, to the President and the citizens of this nation, I'm not sure it would really mean anything. These people are actors, after all, and their stock-in-trade is illusion, "faking it," and bullshit. They aren't any more sophisticated or intelligent than trained seals at an aquarium. Senators Kerry and Edwards would do well to distance themselves from the vitriolic comments these folks are hurling. Again, though, any such actions this late after the fundraiser would be obvious Clintonian crocodile tears. My solution? I know what Whoopi, and Meryl, and Jessica, and the rest of them, think of my President. I take some of their insults personally. Since there are some good people in Hollywood (I mean, there just have to be, right?), it's probably not good to hope the next Islamikaze attack happens there, so what I'll do is to simply not feed their habit. Sure, Ms Streep wouldn't get much of the $7.50 I'd pay to see a movie in which she appears, but every little bit hurts.

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