Sunday, February 22, 2004

Scared S****less

Based on this site, presumably created by someone backing one of the Dem candidates (or the Dems in general), I'd say the Dems are running severely scared. If that wasn't enough, Terry McAuliffe is freakin' big-time, I understand. Hehehehehehehe. If you're a Bush supporter and you can spare it, kick $10 to ol' Ralph. Think of the pain you're causing Scary Kerry, Pretty Eddie, and Freaky Howie. Mr McAuliffe, the bell tolls for thee.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Go Ralph Go!

Maybe tomorrow there will actually be something worth seeing on the Sunday talk shows. If Nader really does decide to run, then I think it's very possible the Dems don't have a chance this year. If Ralphie goes for it, I'll probably kick a few bucks his way. Kerry isn't so scary with Ralph Nutso in the race!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Now this is interesting - found it via a link at Instapundit: Tigersushi. It's a music site, the musical part not yet fully explored, but I just really dig the cat icon. And the site map - has a funky kind of SimCity-ish feel.

Wow - here I am, making one of those "I used to update my blog every couple of weeks" remarks. Couple of weeks heck - more like every few months! A good part of the long time between my previous posts was my internet connection - good ol' dialup. Recently, though, I hooked up with Cox's "high-speed internet" service. Dang, it is fast for sure! I got the service because of a course I'm taking via streaming video (it's that, or sign out a video three times a week and return it the next morning), but it has fringe benefits. One is that updating Red Coyote isn't a chore, wondering if phone line noise will disconnect me before I get to spread my incredible insights over the internet, waiting and waiting for "publish" to take effect. Well, that's the theory anyway - now I just need to drag my butt online (which is much easier now) often enough to make this blog at least quasi-relevant.

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