Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here She Comes, Ms Proud of Her Country

Seems that Eglin AFB is to be graced by Mrs Community Organizer in Chief during a whistlestop appearance tomorrow. Although it's pretty obvious that I'm not the type who'd go see her speak, I have a bone to pick with one or two of the folks interviewed for the article. Let's take this appearance for what it's advertised to be - a chance for Mrs Obama to meet with some real-life military members and their families (I suspect it's just part of the Holy O's Eternal Campaign, but for now let's let that be).

If Mrs Obama is wanting to meet with military members and their families, what the hell are Okaloosa County Democrats like Judy Byrne Riley doing trying to "finagle" (the article's word, not mine) their way onto Eglin? The article does not state if Ms Riley has an official connection to Eglin, but I suspect she doesn't - she wouldn't need to finagle anything if she did. Every ass-kissing local Dem operative who wants to get in on what they think will be a great photo op will be taking a space that could have gone to a military member or someone in his or her family. The article doesn't state how many people Mrs Obama will contact during her meeting "with base leaders and military families," but it's probably not a huge number, and the speech at the hangar will be more of a crowd exercise. Some of those in attendance will probably get a grip-n-grin, but not all, and for any local officials who aren't part of the target audience of military members and their families to try to horn in on this activity is shameful. Of course, as commenter "ronaldpaul" so wonderfully states, "You lost, get over it". Being on the "winning" side allows the Dems to do as they please - they have no shame.

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