Friday, November 07, 2008

When circulation fails...

In people, when circulation fails bad stuff happens - gangrene, amputation, death. It's not too different in the newspaper world. We don't take the local paper (heck, we don't subscribe to any newspaper), but this morning we had a freebie in the driveway, and in the plastic sleeve was a note from our friendly local paper carrier. In big letters across the top it says "CARRIER'S SPECIAL," and below that is "I'm [name deleted to protect the innocent], your local carrier for the Northwest Florida Daily News. I NEED your business, and in an effort to earn it, I hope you enjoy this sample newspaper with my compliments." There's more, concerning a great deal on home delivery, but doesn't this sound just a touch, well, desperate (yes, the NEED is in caps in the original)? We're considering taking them up on the offer, actually - my wife's hooked on Sudoku, and she's been buying a copy of the paper each day, at 50 cents a pop. This "special offer" would be less on a per-copy basis, but then our address will be associated with this puppy-training fodder. The news content is nothing special, except for the local coverage, but still - I despise the idea of supporting this rag. Maybe we'll take the offer, but when I call, I'll make sure they know that it's for the puzzle

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