Saturday, August 23, 2008


Anyone else overdosed on Joe Biden coverage yet? I hit the wall on that subject well before noon. Now I'm looking forward to the Dem convention next week, and the continuation of the campaign. Not because I'm hanging on Obama's every word, but, like Peter Wehner over at The Corner, I think it's gonna be entertaining. I was concerned that O would pick Clinton, or maybe Sebelius, but with Biden he's eviscerated his "change" mantra and blown away the "we're the young ones" argument. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes the McCain camp less than a week to get Biden spun up about a topic (just about any topic will do) and for him to shoot his mouth off so badly it makes O wish he'd picked Clinton. Buyer's remorse? I think the Dems are in for a bad case of it. Heh.

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