Monday, May 01, 2006

Coming Soon - Day of the Wife-Beater!

One interesting thing about this May 1st day of celebration of the illegal immigrant is that we get to see who's side various personalities and businesses are on. One reason I think this is interesting is it gives you some idea of how much respect these people and organizations have for the "law of the land," and for law-abiding people who are, and maybe now were, their customers.

From Fox News is an AP article containing this quote:

Some big businesses are shutting down operations: Six of 14 Perdue Farms plants
will close; Gallo Wines in Sonoma, Calif., is giving its 150 employees the day
off; Tyson Foods Inc., the world's largest meat producer, will shut five of its
nine beef plants and four of six pork plants.

I've never been a big fan of Gallo wines, and now they've given me a reason not to trouble my palate with their wares. The Tyson thing is more troublesome - we've been buying their split chicken breasts, about a dozen to a bag, at Sam's for a while now. They bake up real nice, so I guess somehow I'll have to reconcile the company's evident support for illegal immigrants with my taste buds. I know there's a business issue here - if all your chicken-pluckers are out in a demonstration you may have to shut down the plant. Next time, folks, hire Norte Americano, not Mexicano! Along with checking licenses and references, I know of another question I'll be asking before having any roofing or other work done at home: Do you hire any illegals?

I also ran across this article, with a genius insight by actor John Leguizamo: "It is insulting that the law would call an immigrant a criminal." WTF? These people come into the country through no "proper" process, in many cases actively avoiding the legal channels through which a foreign citizen can become a US citizen, and it's "insulting" that the law calls someone who is breaking the law a criminal? Mr Leguizamo's career, and apparently his intellectual capacity, peaked with 1995's To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, in which he played a peevish, whiny drag queen. He's still whiny and peevish.

I'm in favor of legal immigration, and I think these demands from the illegals are an insult to all those who've dealt with the paperwork and other requirements to come here. This is an issue of national security - if millions of illegals can come across the southern border, what else can? It's time to build a wall, build it tall, and build it now!

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