Monday, September 05, 2005


From the Chicago Tribune (registration required):

With this gravely wounded city now emptied of tens of thousands of the most desperate storm victims, the hidden tragedies of Hurricane Katrina began surfacing Sunday as officials prepared the public for a ghastly body count and the stories of some elderly victims who died forgotten in nursing homes began to be told.
Forgotten? By whom? Aren't hospital patients and nursing home residents the people that a good evacuation plan should cover before any others? Can't school buses be used for stuff like this? Oh, yeah, they can, as long as you don't have a fuckwit mayor and a useless governor.

The nursing homes and the hospitals should have been the first to be evacuated. The Mayor and the Govenor should both pay for the suffering they caused by their ineptitude...
My husband has very similar views and comments about them on his blog
Thanks for stopping by my blog and actually commenting on something.. It's amazing how many hits one gets and people don't take the time to say anything.. I guess it's the ego in us..
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