Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The aerial video footage of Biloxi has been running on several channels here this evening (by now it should be national). Three words - holy f*****g s**t. If you've seen the footage you know what I mean. If you've ever been to Biloxi, seen the casinos and the neighborhoods between the Back Bay and the Gulf, it may be difficult to believe what's happened. I was thinking some of the text descriptions, such as the death toll, being given were perhaps exaggerated (see earlier post below). Oh, now I'm not so sure.

We (my wife and I) saw Cats at the Grand a couple of years ago. Cirque du Soleil's Alegria - saw that with another couple at Beau Rivage. Same venue for Blue Man Group early last year. Oh yeah, Duran Duran, also at the Grand. Spent a couple of nights at Casino Magic, learned a little about craps from good friend Ken O. Now, wreckage. Death. Casino barges, massing a whole bunch of tons (tried to find a figure via Yahoo - no luck, but it's a bunch), floated off their moorings and deposited a distance (some of the TV commentators have said 300 yards) inland. Debris everywhere.

I'm just hoping they don't find any kids in with the bodies. Not that I'm a softie, but dammit people, you can screw with your own life but don't f***ing risk your childrens' lives. When someone says a big freakin' hurricane is coming, and you're a quarter mile in from the freakin' Gulf of Mexico and less than twenty feet elevation, you get the kids the hell out of Dodge. Go back and play in the God-damned waves if you want, but park the kids with granny somewhere safe. Freakin' idiots.

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