Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Observations and Babbles

Just a thought regarding possible exaggerations in Katrina's wake:

From WWLTV.com in New Orleans we have

1:08 P.M. - "I'm very hopeful, with the devastation we've had, that the number (of deaths) will be much more reasonable than people think. There are not thousands of people floating around." -- Terry Ebbert, New Orleans' homeland security chief.

Compare this to Mississippi governor: Possible 80 dead:

"Thirty-five people swam out of their emergency operations center with life jackets on," neighboring Harrison County emergency medical services director Christopher Cirillo said Monday. "We haven't heard from them."
So 35 people are out there, possibly dead, and all of their life jackets have failed to the point where no-one has found them? Or is this just bad record-keeping (that is, they have been heard from and the EMS director just didn't get the word)? I know there's a big difference between several dozen and thousands, but the situation is bad enough without exaggerations, either intentional or not, by people who are in positions where the citizenry will pay attention to them.

On a lighter note, also from WWLTV.com: "11:55 A.M. - Super Wal-Mart in Kenner open for supplies." Hey, if Wal-Mart's open, everything's going to be juuust fiine.

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