Sunday, August 28, 2005

Katrina Update

The weather today in our part of Okaloosa County wasn't bad, no worse than any normal summer day. Winds haven't even really picked up yet. Light rain started here (just north of Mary Esther Cutoff) at 2000 local, with lightning and thunder in the distance (but getting closer). I don't think anyone in the neighborhood put up plywood or took any of the more visible protective measures.

Of course, nothing here is anywhere close to the havoc breaking loose in southeast Louisiana, and especially in New Orleans. I'm hoping and praying that the laws of physics and meteorology and whatnot will go into temporary suspense, or at least reduction. I don't have any particular love for New Orleans, but the city and its people don't deserve this nightmare scenario. We'll see how things develop during the night and into the morning.

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