Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm Walkin' On Sunshine, Whoa!

OK, so maybe that should be "walkin' on storm surge" - yes, the latest and greatest from Katrina and the Waves. Here we go again - as of the National Hurricane Center's update #4, it looks like Katrina will be making landfall in the Escambia/Santa Rosa/Okaloosa region sometime Monday afternoon. A couple of suggestions for people in the storm's path:

Enough snide commentary for right now - I need to go and see if I can come up with more pop culture references to tie in with hurricanes (and I need to finish my rain-theme CD - Madonna's "Rain," CCR's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" and "Who'll Stop the Rain," and more!).

Hey. Just got your e-mail. Over on my blog I have a link to Jeff Masters. An excerpt: "The official NHC forecast is now 170 miles west of where it was at 11am, and still is to the east of the consensus model guidance. It would be no surprise if later advisories shift the forecast track even further west and put Katrina over New Orleans. Until Katrina makes its northward turn, I would cast a very doubtful eye on the model predictions of Katrina's track. So much for the model prediction being high confidence, as I was surmising at 8am this morning! Recurvature is a difficult situation to forecast correctly."

I hate to say it... but I keep thinking, "Go to LA!!! Go to LA!!! We've had our share! And stay away from Alabama too!" :)
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