Sunday, July 10, 2005

We Dodged A Bullet

That's the phrase that pays. Dennis moved quickly, stayed small, and fell apart as the eye moved inland. Yeah, there's some damage, but so far it looks like small potatoes compared to either Opal or Ivan. Looks like the biggest thing in Okaloosa is power outages. Here at the house (just off Mary Esther, near Sun Plaza) it was out for about 50 minutes, but as of 2015 local the following areas looked pretty dark (as observed coming back in from Shalimar):

  • Eglin Parkway from south end of Shalimar bridge to Yacht Club Drive, and possibly further south - dark on both sides (commercial, residential, and traffic lights)

  • Beal Parkway from Mary Esther to Yacht Club Drive - same "coverage" as above

  • Highway 98 is washed out, again. I don't think they'll be able to use the west-bound lane for one lane of each east- and west-bound this time. It's been chipped away pretty badly for a stretch of at least half a mile, and undermined by six inches to a foot along at least that much.

    I'll try to get a little more posted tomorrow. For now, though, I'm thanking God, my lucky stars, and whatever wind and water sprites may have been involved with getting Dennis through here quickly. Now to unwind, and start watching the tropical updates, again - get ready for Emily, arriving midweek.

    Tropical Depression Five, as of 10 July

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