Saturday, September 11, 2004

Uh Oh...

I never really wrapped up my Frances-blogging, mostly because there wasn't anything to wrap up. If the rain I noticed was typical of the rest of Okaloosa County, I'd say our total rainfall from Frances would maybe fill a Dixie cup. The wind? Baaaahhh - we get more than that from a good summer thunderstorm. Now, though, we have Ivan, and it looks like it's gonna get interesting. Cat 5 and apparently decreasing pressure, with the dinky Cayman Islands in the way. Western Cuba probably won't present much of an impediment, and then there's nice warm Gulf of Mexico water to fuel the storm. Eye of the Storm is monitoring the situation as Ivan's threat envelope continues to bump over a little more to the west on each update. If that track holds we'll get nailed. At least those folks down south will catch a break. Christopher Baskind at is keeping a great list of Florida hurricane-bloggers (and thanks muchly for the link!).

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