Tuesday, September 14, 2004

So Far So Good (But Then, It's Still Early)

It's a nice summer day here, where the only out-of-the-ordinary thing weatherwise is the breeze being a little stronger and gustier than normal. This morning started out with a ragged overcast, but most of the day it's been partly cloudy. Had lunch with the wife, and noticed a lot of homes and businesses boarded up. There was a hefty line at the credit union, with people getting cash in preparation for hittin' the road. The guy in line behind me was talking to someone via cell, and he was saying he was going to leave but didn't know where he'd wind up - Jacksonville maybe. Sam's was no busier than a regular weekend, but Wal-Mart was - well, never mind Wal-Mart. The Fort Walton Beach store is pretty close to jammed at 10 PM on Tuesdays, so throwing a hurricane into the mix doesn't really add more to it! Gas stations were busy. No lines, but every pump was occupied. Still no sign of rain here - 60% chance my big toe, Weather Channel!

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