Saturday, September 18, 2004

Cleaning Up

Still no cable here. At least we have power - on the other side of the street, they don't (but they did when it came back on Thursday - go figure. Maybe some of the clean-up efforts broke something (which would be real interesting, since, other than the main line coming into the subdivision - and it's not involved in this problem - all of our lines are underground.))

When I get my one-use cameras developed I'll post some of my Fort Walton Beach aftermath pictures, but until then take a look at what the Pensacola NewsJournal has posted. Absofreakinglutely incredible damage over that way (Pensacola and Gulf Shores). These pictures show why you have to have respect for Nature - Nature has no respect for you. Nature neither knows nor cares that you exist, and Nature will happily throw your car into your swimming pool (or your neighbor's - it's all the same to hundreds of thousands of gallons of Gulf of Mexico brine flowing along at several miles per hour). Your home can be a cardboard shack fixer-upper or a million-dollar bayou view - it doesn't really matter when wind and rain and wave team up. As bad as things are in parts of Okaloosa County, we're doing pretty well compared to Santa Rosa and Escambia.

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