Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Cantore - Italian for "Run Like Hell"?

So the wife and I go out for dinner, find Friday's is one of the few places still open (yeah, even at 7:30 this evening - McDonald's, Publix, the list of closed places is a long one). We sit down, and of course The Weather Channel is up on the big screen, and who do they show? Jim Cantore, of course - can't have a hurricane without him. Commentors on at least one of the other hurricane blogs (and I'll try to track down where I saw it, for proper attribution) have said that when this dude shows up it's time to run, that he has a knack for being in the places where the stuff hits the fan (that is, where the bigass hurricanes tear the snot out of the places they hit). Where's he reporting from? Freakin' Destin! Sandestin, to be specific. Well, that would put us here in FWB on the west side...by a whole 20 miles. Still "ain't skeered" here, even with hurricane magnet Cantore just down the road.

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