Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A Big Night


I've been mentioned on Instapundit! Wooohoo! Glenn had a posting with a few hurricane-bloggers, and he updated it to include me! Daaaamn...

And now Jim Cantore is in FWB. His co-correspondent Janine Albert said they were a couple of miles inland. If they're where I think they are, just north of Highway 98 near the western FWB city limit, it ain't two miles - they might be a mile from the gulf, but maybe a few hundred yards from the sound. The WEAR weather guy was saying he thought he was picking up a little tilt to the right (east) in Ivan's track, which just serves as further proof that Cantore's a hurricane magnet.

Wind definitely kickin' some now - no funny creaking noises from the roof yet, like we had during Opal back in 1995, but it's still early. Several little flickers in the lights, but still no outright outage. I don't see any outage map on Gulf Power's site (not that it would do any good if my power was off, of course, but as a reference for media and folks out of the area it might be useful).

I'm going to try to grab a nap before the heavy stuff rolls in - supposed to be around 0200 or so. I may be out on the island tomorrow doing posse stuff, and I'll try to grab some pictures. From the wave reports (20, maybe 30, feet), Okaloosa Island and Destin may - no, make that are - getting nailed big-time. This is gonna be ugly, folks.

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