Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Wow - here I am, making one of those "I used to update my blog every couple of weeks" remarks. Couple of weeks heck - more like every few months! A good part of the long time between my previous posts was my internet connection - good ol' dialup. Recently, though, I hooked up with Cox's "high-speed internet" service. Dang, it is fast for sure! I got the service because of a course I'm taking via streaming video (it's that, or sign out a video three times a week and return it the next morning), but it has fringe benefits. One is that updating Red Coyote isn't a chore, wondering if phone line noise will disconnect me before I get to spread my incredible insights over the internet, waiting and waiting for "publish" to take effect. Well, that's the theory anyway - now I just need to drag my butt online (which is much easier now) often enough to make this blog at least quasi-relevant.

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