Saturday, February 01, 2003

Speaking of oil, and Arianna Huffington, I just went to my local DM (Destruction Motors) dealer and ordered a 2003 Behemoth XXL. Yes, the XXL is because it's just plain friggin' huge. They start at XL, and go up to UG (UltraGrande), but you have to drive the UG models on the centerline, because they're about 30 feet wide. The XXL is just a tad wider than a Ford Excursion. These babies come with fifty gallon fuel tanks, and they need every ounce of that capacity. Yes, the Behemoth has only one good purpose, and that's running over and stomping the sanctimonious snot out of pissants like Ms Huffington. What would Jesus drive? Well, I think he's still thumbing it back to Nazareth, but his papa likes the Behemoth - He's ordered a fleet of 'em for the flattening of Baghdad.

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