Saturday, September 21, 2002

In a well-written but potentially controversial article, Steven Den Beste, captain of the USS Clueless, writes: "The existing Arab culture which is the source of this war is a total loss. It must be shattered, annihilated, leaving behind no more traces in the Arab lands than the Samurai left in Japan or the mounted knights left in Europe." Den Beste puts in a lot of supporting detail, and the article is very worth the read. His argument comes down to the need to eliminate the portions of Arab culture which have produced those who would destroy us. He tries, admirably, to separate the elements of Arab culture that would destroy us from the whole of Arab people. I agree, and I think if we don't destroy the culture (or sub-culture, perhaps) that has created our enemy, we will eventually be forced to either surrender our own culture (and everything that supports and/or is a product of our culture - our religious tolerance, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, Britney Spears, modern medicine, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera), or to utterly destroy the whole of the people from which our enemy come. I absolutely refuse to consider surrending American or Western culture. I prefer not to destroy the whole of the Arab or Muslim peoples, but if it comes down to them or us, well, buh-bye Mecca.

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